Before you can market yourself on the web you must establish your brand as an online resource in your industry. By doing so, your clients will seek you out organically. 

ConsultMIK'S philosophy prioritizes clean and distinctive visuals that enhance your content and make information easy to find. We specializes in developing web solutions that help you better connect with current and potential clients. Whether you are looking for an e-commerce website, a blog, a community for your fans, or a portfolio of your work, we equip your website with the right tools to grow your business.

ConsultMIK Branding consist of evaluating:

Brand purpose: a logical snapshot of what you provide the market.

Brand points of difference: things that are truly distinct that your competitors can’t copy. While great customer service is important, it’s not a point of difference; many of your competitors will claim the same thing. A point of difference can include a visual symbol, story, color scheme, proprietary process or product, historic milestone, physical characteristic, or combination of several of these.


Brand personality: a collection of human-like traits and adjectives that best describe your brand.

Brand promise: the emotional side of your purpose. If you were a tailor, your purpose would be to make and alter clothes and your promise would be to give people confidence when their clothing fits just right.

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